A History of Falcon Enterprises

Falcon Enterprises - 1981
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Falcon Enterprises was founded in July of 1978 and was incorporated a year later.

In September 1978, Falcon opened its doors to seven students and had a complement of two staff and a General Manager. Gradually, twenty-five years later, we have served as many as 57 clients with a staff of 22.

The original vocational centre was housed in what was recently Radio Shack. Space was limited and contracts outgrew the facility. With the support of the community, the present Vocational Centre was constructed in 1983 and provided 6,000 square feet of training space. In 1995 the recycling facility was added to benefit the community and increased the facility to approximately 8,500 square feet. In 1997, the kitchen and dining areas were upgraded to facilitate our growing programs. Again, in 2001, the facility was upgraded along with improvements to the administration services.

Falcon Enterprises

Falcon Enterprises has evolved from "sheltered workshop" era of facility based production of picture frames, water beds, patio furniture, upholstery, and other such programs too numerous to mention, to what is now a fully inclusive community based support service provider. Today we are under provincial contract to provide support services in employment preparation, employment placement, community access supports, and specialized communtiy supports where applicable.

Falcon Enterprises Falcon Enterprises is governed by a seven member community board of directors. We are an active member of the Wainwright and District Council for services to Persons with Developmental Disabilities, under the Central Persons with Developmental Disabilities Community Board.

Falcon Enterprises is proud to be an integral part of the Wainwright community and would like to take this opportunity to thank Wainwright and the surrounding communities for their support. Wainwright is truly a "Community for all."

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