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Falcon Waste Recovery Depot


The gates are closed evenings, weekends and holidays

Located at: 1509 - 14 Street Wainwright Alberta
Phone: 780-842-5656
Waste Recovery

The Falcon Waste Recovery Depot has been in operation since June 1995. The volume of recycling has steadily increased over the years and from 2010 — 2012, we recycled in exccesss of 1.560 metric tonnes of paper products, which have been eliminated from our landfills.

Your Community Drop Off Centre for:
Paper Products Products Not Accepted
Corrugated Cardboard
Office Paper
Bagged Shredded Paper
White Ledger
Box Board (i.e. pop and cereal boxes)
Refundable Containers (for donation only)
NO Glass
NO Metal
NO Household Garbage
NO Appliances
NO computer & Electronic Hardware
NO Plastic Film or Bags
NO Styrofoam Egg Cartons
NO Plastic
NO Household Garbage
NO Furniture
NO Wooden Objects or Pieces
NO Light Bulbs

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NOTE: Products not accepted at Falcon Waste Recovery Deopt are collected at the following:
Wainwright Waste To Energy at the Landfill Gates: Container World:
Phone: 780-842-4051 Phone: 780-842-6466
Propane Cylinders
Clear Glass
Aerosol Cans
Grass Clippings
Fluorescent Bulbs
Used Motor Oil
Oil Filters
Refundable containers

Commitment to the Future

Recycling DepotWainwright supported the Province of Alberta's commitment to reduce solid waste disposal fifty percent by the year 2000. To acheive that goal, residents actively participated in reducing, reusing and recycling their household waste. This effort will decrease the amount of waste required to be incinerated therby reducing the costs associated to the residents.

The Town of Wainwright has chosen to implement a community oriented drop-off recycling program as one part of the solution. This program will allow residents the convenience of disposing their recyclables within our community at the Falcon Waste Recovery Depot.

Preparing Your Recyclables

Waste RecoveryContamination of materials is one of the leading problems facing a waste recovery depot. Please take extra care when preparing and depositing recyclables to prevent contamination. If you have any questions or need assistance, an individual will be available at the depot from 8:15 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. from Monday to Friday. The following recyclables will be accepted at the depot:

  1. Newspaper:
    Includes clean, dry newspapers, newsprint flyers and inserts.
  2. Office Paper:
    Includes white and colored paper from typewriters and copiers, computer paper, bond paper, fax paper and carbonless paper.
    No carbon paper, blueprint paper, food wrapping, wax paper, paper with laminate, tissue paper, paper towel, napkins, styrofoam egg cartons and styrofoam fruit box liners.
  3. Refundable Containers:
    Any refundable container you wish to Donate, such as Milk cartons, jugs, liquor and pop bottles and cans.
  4. Phone Books & Magazines:
    Telephone Books, glossy magazines and insers, books and catalogues.
  5. Corrugated Cardboard:
    Please make sure boxes are dry and free of all unwanted materials such as food, styrofoam packing material, paper etc. Tape and staples do not have to be removed.
  6. Box Board:
    Cereal boxes, potato chip boxes, pop boxes, index cards, manila and bleached file folders, paper bags and gift wrapping
  7. Household batteries:
    Includes all alkaline and nickel-cadium batteries: AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt and "button" batteries.
    No wet cell batteries from cars, motorcycles etc. These can be dropped off at Skinner & Sons on Highway 14.
  8. Composting:
    The Town of Wainwright encourages backyard home composting. As an alternative to composting, residents are requested to dispose of their grass clippings at the landfill site located on the south side of the Wainwright Regional Waste To Energy Facility at the Landfill Gates as a means of diverting this waste from the incinerator, thereby increasing efficiency.

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Tours of the Recycling Facility and Presentations of our Recycling Program are available by appointment. Please contact if interested:

"Recycling today conserves resources for tommorrow!"