Falcon Enterprises Standards of Appropriate Interaction with Co-Workers

  1. Be friendly, supportive and cooperative.
    Develope a reputation for being an easy person to work with.
  2. Be a responsible member of the team.
    Everyone appreciates those who pitch in and help when others are swamped with work.
  3. Be considerate of others.
    Show respect for everyone's feelings, intelligence and opinions at all times.
  4. Dwell on people's good features.
    No one is perfect, but almost everyone has at least a few worthwhile qualities.
  5. Avoid discussions about anything personal that you wouldn't want repeated.
    Including personal weaknesses of other staff members, yourself or your clients.
  6. Make the best of any situation.
    Even the bleakest situation can have a positive side.
  7. Seek assistance when needed.
    People often don't mind explaining or demonstrating tasks when it's obvious that you've tried to complete them yourself.
  8. Be complimentary to others when they deserve it.
    Everyone likes to be valued.
  9. Be proud of your accomplishments without bragging.
    Don't be shy about telling co-workers that you're pleased with a completed task.
  10. Recognize that each person has a unique personality.
    . . . and try to work with that.
  11. Communicate in a relaxed, patient and pleasant manner.
    People respond more positively to calm discussion than to anger, sarcasm or commands.
  12. Plan what you want to say before you speak.
    That way, you will avoid saying something you might regret later.
  13. Be genuinely interested in discussions and give the listeners or speakers you undivided attention.
  14. Allow each person speaking to finish and make sure you understand what has been said before responding.
    Don't assume you know the intention.
  15. Become conscious of how you are communicating non-verbally with others (body language).
    People show reactions through facial expressions, posture and mannerisms. Commnication problems arise when what you say doesn't agree with how you visually act or react. In fact 93% of what you communicate is done so without words.
  16. Allow everyone in a meeting the chance to discuss matters or offer suggestions.
    Even if you disagree with an idea, don't shoot it down immediately. Nothing works faster to stifle input, enthusiasm and creativity. People appreciate being involved, an will feel more committed to the outcome.
  17. Give criticism in private in an impartial, constructive manner.

When problems arise between co-workers please seek assistance from the staff members at Falcon Enterprises

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Print Standards of Interaction